A Trip to Melbourne Zoo

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Melbourne Zoo, hands down the best ever zoo I have ever been to in my entire life. I have been to zoo’s where I’m thinking to myself, “these animals do not need to be in captivity, these animals are miserable.” I’ve been to zoo’s where the deer were drinking disgusting muddy water in a ditch. This is NOT that zoo. Melbourne Zoo is an extremely professional zoo. I assure you. Remember when you’re going to a zoo (especially for free) to make sure you look at the animals and their habitats.  I do not believe in captivity if the zoo is completely careless of the animals. Then, of course, I think they would be better off in the wild, but take a look when you see a stray cat or dog. They usually look terrible; like they are starving. Now picture a lion in the wild, when they run out of food to eat and to survive on. Not to mention there’s not a veterinarian to take care of them when they go ill in the wild. Same situation. In a responsible zoo such as Melbourne Zoo, they don’t run out of the necessities for each animal to be at their healthiest potential and to survive on and it appears to be an enriching environment.



LEMURS? Yes! LEMURS! Madagascar’s greatest and most adorable export! There is zero cage between you and the dozens of ring-tailed lemurs running around. Though there are signs stating not to pet or feed the lemurs. Yes, I did get a lot of pictures of them and couldn’t just choose one. The most photogenic animal of the zoo visit!



Enjoy these photos I took while at Melbourne Zoo!









The one thing I really wanted to do when I was planning to visit Melbourne, Australia was to go to the zoo to see the indigenous animals to that area, and for the most part, I saw them all except for the Tasmanian Devil and the Wombat.


A KOALA!! It was kind of hard to photograph them. They sleep in the trees about 16-18 hours a day, and they can easily blend in with the tree! I had to zoom in all the way to get this picture of the adorable koala!


Kangaroo!! The largest species of the marsupial family. Yes, they are in the same family as opossums and wombats! I visited them twice during the day, unfortunately, I got them when they were lazier, but that’s okay Kangaroos need to rest too!


The little penguin! The smallest penguins of the penguin family, hence the name. These cute critters are indigenous to Australia and New Zealand! The only penguin species from Australia. And as always when you’re anywhere in Australia or New Zealand, the infamous seagull (he’s not a part of the Australian animal’s family, although he thinks otherwise)!


…And that was my day at Melbourne Zoo on November 9th, 2017! I would definitely recommend any and everyone going through the Melbourne area to swing by the Melbourne Zoo! It is AUD$36 or USD$28; Patrons under 15 years old get in free on weekends and holidays. During the regular week AUD$18 or USD$14. Seniors get an AUD$3.50 discount off the adult price.*


*prices subject to change






  1. Ellie says

    My favourite animal is the lemur! I love how you can get so close to it!

  2. J. Collier says

    I always love zoos. And these photos are amazing.

  3. Karla Houston says

    LOVE THIS & animals! You have quite the life my friend.

  4. Promise says

    Really love this

  5. Mysha Pavel says

    I really like your photos ❤️
    Will you write an article about your visit in Melbourne in general? 🙂

    1. zackbackpacking says

      I will write about it eventually, yes! 🙂

  6. Pam says

    I’d love to go to Australia one day!

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