Bar Hopping in St. Louis, Missouri!

Manchester Avenue

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Bar hopping in St. Louis, Missouri!

On the night of January 23rd after the Tonight Alive / Silverstein concert at The Ready Room around 11pm I decided to begin my bar hop on the street of the gig, Manchester Avenue in the Grove Entertainment District. I wanted to do this bar hop not only because I really wanted a couple beers, but because my last bar hop I didn’t do it with the intention of it being more than for my Instagram story so therefore some of the pictures and reviews weren’t really that great.. So did a bar hop to see what I’m able to do with these bar hops. Anything said about any bars are only referring to the time I was in their establishment. Some of the bars might totally switch up the music from day to day or hour to hour.. so take my assessment with a grain of salt.


1. Parlor

Beer : 4Hands Incarnation

The first bar of the bar hop was across the street from The Ready Room. Pretty crowded at the bar for a Tuesday night, so I ordered a beer from the bar and sat down at a table nearby the Skeeball and The Simpsons Arcade machine. If I had not needed to do two other bars before 1am I would’ve played on that arcade machine. They had several retro arcade games. The music in this bar was like old school r&b and hip hop.  Also with a little research while typing this blog post up, I found out this is a very new bar. I believe around October/November 2017 they opened their doors. It did have a very fresh, new feel to it.

I decided to get the 4Hands Incarnation India Pale Ale. This local brew from right here in St. Louis comes in at 7% ABV (alcohol by volume). I’m definitely an IPA guy and this IPA has no exception to that. This IPA had a tropical fruity taste to it. Very nice IPA.


2. Atomic Cowboy

Beer : Dogfish Head Flesh & Blood India Pale Ale

The second bar of this bar hop took place at Atomic Cowboy. This is a country bluegrass bar (as the name probably implies). They had a live band in their venue called The Bootleg which is attached to Atomic Cowboy. I picked the right time to come to St. Louis and to this bar because it was a free concert week for the venue. So I’m assuming there’s a cover charge usually to enter the venue. They do have a concert & event section in their website if you would like to see what’s happening in The Bootleg.

I chose to get the Flesh and Blood IPA from Dogfish Head out of Milton, Delaware, because well the name of the beer sounds pretty badass and it’s an India Pale Ale so it had me on both ends. When I first took a sip of this 7.50%ABV beer it had a very strong potent citrus flavor. Very delicious IPA. Definitely my favorite beer of the night.

3. HandleBar

Beer : Bell’s Two Hearted Ale

The third and final bar of this bar hop, HandleBar. They had these church pews to sit and drink your beers. Which I’ve never seen before at a bar so that was unique. This bar played alternative rock and metal music which is more up my alley in musical taste. While I was in there they played Cake, Anthrax, Rob Zombie, and Clutch. Apparently it’s a Russian themed bar / restaurant after googling it. I might’ve been a little too drunk to notice this theme or too distracted by the good music and the good beer I had. They do serve Russian food. So that would actually be interesting to try. Russian food in St. Louis.

I got the Two Hearted Ale out of Bell’s Brewery in Kalamazoo. I was pretty going by the time I started drinking this beer. Which I guess helped the beer taste even better than it probably tasted if it would’ve been my first beer. Definitely a great beer though to have if you’ve already been drinking.


What I enjoyed about this St. Louis Bar Hop on Manchester Avenue was that all three bars had a very different vibe to them. Which is so key to making bar hopping not a waste of time.  It would be very redundant to keep going to 3-5 different bars on the same street and kept playing the same kind of music and/or had the same kind of bar vibe. You might as well stay in the same bar and drink there and not bounce around. I only could fit in 3 bars… well honestly because I did these three bars in maybe an hour and all the beers were 7%+ ABV. so I was done by the time I got done with the Two-Hearted Ale at HandleBar. Know your limit. Don’t overdrink. and drink responsibly.

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