My Adventures in Mexico City!

Trips #1 and #2

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Here is a little bit of my adventures in Mexico City from the two trips.


There will be three sections to this blog post. Attractions. Food. and then Yaneli!


Section 1 : Attractions

Street Performers

Mexico City has a plethora of street performers. Whether they’re a part of some Aztec ritual in Zócalo or the musicians. They are definitely out and about in this city and you should stop and check them out or the ones that are actually doing something interesting, not the annoying person on the street turning some handle on this music box making some noise you’d hear out of a child’s toy.


Aside from the Aztec rituals that take place in Zocalo. Mexico City also has some musicians you don’t mind stopping for a few minutes of your time and watch and listen to them perform. Here I spotted this lovely chello / violinist duo.



The World of Tim Burton

A limited run exhibition featuring Tim Burton’s drawings,sculptural installations, puppets, and moving-image works that showcase Tim Burton’s artistic career. From private projects from his childhood to his most popular films and everything in between. Also they have a television inside they show all six episodes of a short series Burton did with Flinch Studios in 2000, Stainboy. Inside the exhibition you can not take pictures indoors, but they do have an outdoor section where you can take pictures. I took several, so check them out!


Floating Gardens of Xochimilco

Here you get to ride on a trajinera (or a colorful gondola) down the canals that run through Xochimilco. They do have markets with clothing and souvenirs around this area, but once you get on the trajinera it doesn’t stop there. They do have other gondola’s riding by that are either selling tacos or beer. There’s even Mariachi bands floating around to offer their services for you for a little while, which if I wasn’t alone for the time I visited I might would’ve used them, but for the most part it’s a quiet, peaceful time on the canal.

Monumento a la Revolución

I have not gone into the top of this monument quite yet, but I did walk around it during my second trip to Mexico City as I didn’t check it out on my first trip. This monument commemorates the Mexican Revolution. This monument took about 41 years to design and build. Oh yeah, someone from France made the design for this. France always designing or giving some kind of monument or statue to some country.


Section 2 : Food

Probably my favorite part of traveling is eating. A town with shitty food isn’t a city for me.

Street Tacos!

Mexico City has some of the best street tacos. Frankly some of the best tacos I have had have been street tacos in Mexico City. I highly recommend stopping when seeing them on the side of the street. Sometimes they will be on their own on the street with their little cart or whatever and then sometimes it’ll be just a whole block or two full of these vendors and usually about $15 Mexican Pesos at the most for one or about $0.80 USD. They also have different sauces and salsas for you as well if you want. I usually stick with the red salsa. Usually the way to go for my taste buds.

I was so hungry after visiting the Monumento a la Revolución that on my way back to the hotel I was staying at and stopped and got one Al Pastor taco. I was alone at the time when ordering the taco and I didn’t get a proper picture of it before digging in. Then Yaneli met up with me, and after biting in and tasting how incredible this taco was I handed my phone to Yaneli to get a picture of me eating this wonderful taco.


Pizza Amore on Calle de Regina

I have been to Pizza Amore on about four different occasions in the two trips I had to Mexico City so far. I originally visited this place, because I wanted to try some Mexican style pizza which they didn’t have. They didn’t even have jalapeños, but somehow this place still had some of the best pizza I’ve ever had in my travels (minus Berlin, sorry Mexico City that’ll take a lot to top), but the fact I have been here four times in two trips should say a lot about how good this place is. So when visiting Mexico City and tired of eating tacos and Mexican food, hit this place up! You’ll thank me later!

Rating : 9.5 out of 10


McCarthy’s Irish Pub on Calle Querétaro

Yaneli and I went here the night I flew into Mexico City for the second trip. We both ordered the 8 piece hot wings. She got the Hell’s Habanero and I got this McHot sauce as they call it. When I started eating my wings I just thought this McHot sauce was really spicy. I was lit up about 3 wings in and then I try one of hers when I realized our wings got switched and I’m over here burning up. This place was also pretty dark so I couldn’t visually see the sauce or I would’ve been able to tell, “hey, I’m about the light myself on fire”, but the wings still tasted good aside from being insanely spicy.

Rating : 7 out of 10


Los Canello’s on Calle de Regina

During my Mexico City Bar Hop while I was on my fourth beer out of the five. I began to get the drunk munchies, so I ordered this 4 Quesos Pasta. Being I was a little tipsy the first bite or two was pretty good. Then after that it pretty much stopped tasting as good. It was one of those dishes that were good, but not GOOOOOOD if you know what I mean. All it was pretty much was fettuccine noodles with four cheeses and tops with chopped up spinach.

Rating : 5.5 out of 10


100 Montaditos on Calle de Regina

Another bar I went to during my bar hop was 100 Montaditos. However, I did not eat here during the bar hop. The day after though I did visit for some food. This is a Spanish themed restaurant. I saw on the menu they have croquttas / croquettes / croquetas (however they want to spell it.. I’ve seen it on several menus in Barcelona and it was one of the three.. never just the same spelling) Unfortunately, I guess if I want to be a credible and dependable blogger. I have to dish out the good with the bad, and this was bad. I’ve only had croquettes in Barcelona and I loved them sooooooooooo good! So when I saw it on a menu in Mexico I had to get it. I probably will leave Spanish food in Spain. Just like I’ve had horrible German food in America and not so good Mexican food in Canada. These particular croquettes had jamon Serrano (ham and peppers). They tasted overcooked. They are served with chips (or crisps for my United Kingdom readers) and this cocktail type sauce. The sauce did help these taste a little better so shout out to the cocktail sauce for at least making it somewhat edible.

Rating : 3 out of 10


Café El Popular on Av. 5 de Mayo 52 in Centro Histórico

I visited this café twice as it was nearby the hostel I was staying at the first couple of nights my first visit to Mexico City. The time I ate here I was given this Spanish menu. I don’t really know Spanish, so I thought. Let’s point at something and see how it goes. Well I got this dish called Chorizo a la Ranchera. It’s this dish with this chorizo sausages in this green cactus-like colored sauce. It did not look appetizing at all. It didn’t taste all that great either. I won’t penalize this restaurant for that due to the fact I could’ve googled what it was before ordering it and saw it looked like poop.

On my second visit to Café El Popular I got this Oaxaqueño Style Omelet. Basically this really cheesy omelet. And I do like cheese. A lot. It was a delightful and delicious dish. Definitely much better than Chorizo a la Ranchera. 

Rating : 8 out of 10


Section 3 : Yaneli!

I have visited Mexico City on two separate occasions and many more occasions to come due to finding someone I like in this city. It has become one of my favorite destinations. A city I decided to visit on a spur of the moment instead of Toronto.

How did you meet Yaneli?

I hopped on Tinder due to watching several travel related videos stating Tinder is an excellent way to meet people and locals. I tried to do it once before in Thailand, but if you know Thailand at all you know they have a lot of ladyboys and they were definitely the majority of what was on Tinder there, which is fine, just not my cup of tea.  Anyways I tried it again in Mexico City and my first swipe I matched with this cute Mexican, Yaneli, and we met up the next day and had a few drinks and it just felt right and two months later I’m still with her.

Tell us a little bit about Yaneli?

Yaneli is six months older than myself. She just turned 26 on December 21st. She is about an inch shorter. She’s 5’2″ or about 157cm. She is a veterinarian in Mexico City. Definitely a smart cookie!

Here a picture of one of her adorable patients. A turtle!

And that was my some of my adventures of my first two trips to the wonderful city of Mexico City and I definitely look forward to many many more! Adios for now!



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