Bar Hopping in México City!

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Bar Hopping in México City!

On January 12th while waiting for Yaneli (my girlfriend that lives in México City) to get off work. I decided since my hotel is nearby a street full of bars I would do a bar hop. The first four bars were on Calle de Regina and then the last bar is on Calle de Motolinía. At first this was just for fun to do on my Instagram story, but then a light bulb appeared over my head around the third bar and beer and was like this is perfect. When I travel I sometimes tend to look up bar hopping streets, and there’s not much on the cities I go to regarding bar hopping and good areas to bar hop in. I’m here to change that so stayed tuned for more bar hopping related content.


1. 100 Montaditos

Beer : Tecate

The first bar of the bar hop. I was eating pizza next door at Pizza Amore when I was like I should do a bar hop and so it began at 100 Montaditos. A Spanish (Spain) themed bar. I decided to get Tecate. A popular Mexican lager brewed by Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma out of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico as a couple of the beers I had on this bar hop are from. I sat outside as it was packed inside as you’d expect from bars in the most populated city in the western hemisphere. The beer was decent.

2. Vecino’s Osteria

Beer : Perro Del Mar India Pale Ale

The second bar of the bar hop. I decided to get a Mexican craft beer, Perro Del Mar. This American style IPA is brewed by Cervecería Wendlandt in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. This was definitely my favorite bar and my favorite beer of this bar hop. Out of the five bars I went to, this one was different and mellow. Vecino’s Osteria didn’t have this overwhelmingly loud music with the bass ten times louder than the actual music like one of the bars I went to unfortunately did. In fact they didn’t have that kind of music at all. It was a mix of classical and jazz which made for a great drinking environment. The perfect environment for this India Pale Ale to hop on my tongue like the salsa, and that’s exactly what Perro Del Mar did. Also check out the lacing of the beer on the glass in one of the pictures below. Beautiful!


3. Wingspizza

Beer : Montejo

The third bar a part of this bar hop was more of a restaurant, but in Mexico almost all restaurants serve beer so thought why not include it in my bar hop. Wingspizza had like this techno / electronic music going on. They didn’t have the bass going like crazy like the last two bars did though so it was alright. Anyways, I decided to Montejo as I never heard of this cerveza so I decided to get it. This beer is brewed by the same brewery that does Corona and Model Especial, Grupo Modelo. Really good beer, especially with the lime. Can’t forget the lime. My second favorite beer of the night.


4. Los Canallas


Beer : Indio

The fourth bar of the bar hop I went to this bar Yaneli and I frequent anyways, but I thought why not include it into my bar hop. This bar has a reggae vibe to it with the music and decor. Comfortable seating indoors. I decided to get a beer I had once before, Indio. Brewed by the same people who brought me Tecate, Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma. It’s an okay beer; didn’t have a lime, but probably would taste a lot better with one. Yaneli decided to join me about fifteen minutes after I arrived to Los Canallas.


5. Talismán de Motolinía

Beer : Dos Equis Lager

The fifth and final stop of this bar hop. Yaneli and I decided to go walk over to Calle de Motolinía about a ten minute walk from Los Canallas. We went to this Mezcal bar called Talismán de Motolinía. The music was random. Sometimes would play indie rock music at perfect sound and then other times not even sure what they were playing due to the bass being ridiculously louder than the actual music itself. Also I was quite intoxicated by the time I got to this place so that could’ve made it louder than it actually was. I had the Dos Equis lager brewed by none other than Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma. Dos Equis is always a good beer to have, one of my go to beers aside from Guinness. Although like most Mexican lagers. It needs a lime.


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  1. Kalyani says

    What a great read! I like how you added what type of music is played because this is really important when deciding on where to go! Bar #2 And #4 sound like my kinda place 😀 I can’t wait to visit Mexico City one day to go bar hopping!!

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