First Night in México

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A week before deciding to go to México City instead of Toronto I looked up on Google ‘the safest cities in México’. México City popped up and according to statistics. Washington D.C has three quarters more crime than México City. A city that is 12 times smaller in population has significantly more crime. So based on that information I deemed México City safe enough to visit. Three days before my vacation was going to begin to drive up to Toronto. I saw there was a USD $256 roundtrip flight from Memphis to México City. That sounded like a great deal to me so I chose to go somewhere new like México City instead of Toronto for the 10th time… 

I arrived in México City around 5 pm on December 7th. Customs was simple, no problems. All the customs officer did was ask me how long was I going to be staying and then she stamped my passport. Also the México Immigration form you get prior to landing in México that you fill out… They will tear off the bottom of that form and you have to give it back upon departing México at the gate for your flight… SO DO NOT LOSE IT. 

I had to wait at the airport for about two hours due to my credit card not working in any of the ATM’s or even the taxi.. and having zero cash of any currency on me to exchange.. First I couldn’t even dial out.. and when I’ve tried 1-800 numbers on the Tango callout app. It has never worked for me in the past.. somehow it worked for me this time.. I called the customer service representative for my credit card due to my bank being closed by this time and he said he restarted my card to make it active to use in México and to try it again. It didn’t work, he then told me to try another ATM.. still did not work. It took about the 10th try before money finally came out of an ATM.. That was very frustrating and a waste of two hours.. Always keep some kind of cash on you so you’re not fucked in this kind of situation.

After that debacle, I then bought a reloadable public transportation card from the airport. I put in a $100 peso (USD $5) into the machine thinking it would give me change, but just put it all on the card. I only used it twice, because it was so cheap to uber around (compared to ubering in other cities around the world). Also didn’t really care to be smushed every time I wanted to go somewhere as you would expect from the most populated city in the Western Hemisphere. Of course, the public transportation is the cheapest option, but the way the exchange rate is from U.S. Dollar to Mexican Peso. It is very cheap in Mexico… Not Thailand cheap, but in that ballpark. 

I then took a bus and also a subway from the airport to my hostel in the Zócalo area, but I was starving and when I had to get out at the Hidalgo stop there was like a food market across the street from the bus stop so I decided to get something to eat. I got three Al Pastor tacos..  and not pictured, but I covered it in the red salsa hot sauce they have sitting on the table, but I was like this spicy yet not spicy enough.. and I was curious what the green salsa they had on the table taste like.. there was the hot shit. I felt that burn for a minute. I was like alright I’ll stick to red stuff… they were probably the best tacos I had whilst in Mexico City. Definitely..

Then after I ate I got on the subway to Zócalo then I went to my hostel, Mexiqui.. then after checking in I wanted a beer so I went to the bar next door, La Casa de las Sirenas and got me a Dos Equis XX Lager. Costed me $49 pesos (USD $2.50). As well as a tip. Tipping is also custom in México. Be sure to do it when visiting basically anywhere in North America…

I also strolled around the Zócalo center that night and yes I felt safe walking around. There was probably a cop or two every block so it didn’t feel unsafe at all. I hear there are sketchy areas of CDMX (the abbreviated Spanish name for México City) the Zócalo is not one of those areas.

Here is The Metropolitan Cathedral of the Assumption of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary into Heaven or in Spanish; Catedral Metropolitana de la Asunción de la Santísima Virgen María a los cielos

And what’s going to México around Christmas time without a little Feliz Navidad


  1. Karla Houston says

    Haven’t been and i’m so close lol. Love the old buildings!

  2. J. Collier says

    I love going to Mexico.

  3. Mysha Pavel says

    Always wanted to go to Mexico ❤️
    Looks like your first night went well so hope the entire trip was the same

  4. Pam says

    Mexico isn’t on my bucket list but it was fun to read about your experience!

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