My Time in Cardiff!

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The very first overseas city I visited was in Cardiff, Wales in October 2016. The Welsh capital. Geographically located in the southeast coast. Not too far from England. It’s about an hour train ride from Cardiff, Wales to Bristol, England. However I didn’t make that trek.  Instantly I was hooked to traveling more so than just Canada. It’s like Canada was like the training wheels, and then Cardiff was like where I started taking those training wheels off.. I loved Cardiff. The people. The accents. The castle that’s right smackdab in the city centre. I would love to say the food, which in the cases I mention below I’m not saying this about, but for the most part.. The food isn’t that good. I’d say stick to breakfast or pizza. Don’t get anything with chicken either.. Chicken in America and chicken in the UK is not the same. Let’s get into my trip to Cardiff, Wales!


Arriving at Cardiff Airport!


Very cool baggage claim area with the red dragon that’s on their flag.



What did I eat while in Cardiff, Wales? Great Question!


Yard Bar & Kitchen on 42-43 Saint Mary Street

Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon. Poached egg and hollandaise sauce on toasted sour dough with smoked salmon. If you don’t get anything else while you’re in Cardiff or the United Kingdom in general. 1. You’re going to be really hungry by the time you get back to wherever home is. 2. You should definitely eat their breakfast. I’m not a huge fish and chips fan. I’m not a huge English nor Welsh food fan in general to be completely honest. (yes I’ve tried a few of their dishes) Their breakfast is to die for though! I become a morning person whenever visiting United Kingdom literally because of how good this shit is and The Yard did a perfect job.


The Stable beside St. David’s Shopping Centre in the heart of Cardiff, Wales!

The Fiery Dragon pizza! Saw this place on the Cardiff location geotag and saw this place and was like. I have to go!! Now I am able to say. It is as delicious as it looks. On this Fiery Dragon pizza; spicy chopped pork, naga chilies, garlic, red onion, basil leaves, field mushrooms, tomato sauce & mozzarella. Definitely recommend if you’re looking for pizza in the Welsh capital!


Merrie Harrier on 117 Penlan Road on the outskirts of Cardiff in Penarth.

I decided to eat here due to the fact my Airbnb host in Cardiff worked here so I thought I’d give it a try. This was my first time having Bangors and Mash (or Sausage and Mash) other than at Rose & Crown in Epcot at Disney World. When I posted a picture when I did have it at Epcot someone also from USA commented that this isn’t how it looks at all over in the United Kingdom. So I wasn’t expecting much when ordering it and then this plate comes and I’m like yeah right, it looks almost exactly like the way it did at Epcot. Probably one of the few English foods I do like is this dish right here. And at Merrie Harrier it was delicious without costing near as much as it did over in Epcot.  Also I had this Guinness at Merrie Harrier!

Wok To Walk on 90 Saint Mary Street

After I went to the Steel Panther concert nearby, I was hungry so I went to Wok To Walk as they were one of the only places open. They are a chain in the United Kingdom mainly, but there’s some in NYC and elsewhere, but not as common here in the USA. Anyways, at Wok To Walk they have a customizable menu so I got Whole Grain Rice. Chicken breast. Broccoli. Hot Asia Sauce. And some Soy Sauce in there as well. It was so good. Definitely hit the spot.


Things I did while in Cardiff, Wales


  1. Saint Mary Street.


 2. Pierhead Building

3. Wales Millennium Centre

4. River Taff (with Principality Stadium in the background)

5. Walk around Cardiff and find some wicked looking Churches

6. And of course.. Cardiff Castle!

Here are some friends that I made.

Some of of these people I knew on Instagram prior to arriving to Cardiff and some I met whilst in Cardiff.


Also I got to see Le Butcherettes and meet Teri while in Cardiff (as well as the show later on in the week in Glasgow which is a better picture..)


I would love to go back to Cardiff one of these days and give you all a more in-depth pictures and even videos of the city from my perspective. I didn’t go with the intent of it being in a blog or being a part of anything other than a stop in a huge Eurotrip I had planned at the time. Also was so long ago I have to remember how certain things were and how certain things tasted. I will definitely go back though one day. Visit Cardiff. Become a morning person (for the bomb breakfast). Go to the castles. All that good stuff..

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